OMATA-Laboratory (Partial Differential Equations)

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Major subjects of our research are the following fields:

  1. Free boundary problems of hyperbolic type
    (1) Droplet motion on a plane, [Movie 1 2]
    (2) Bubble motion on water surface, [Movie]
    (3) Peeling-off problem against attaching agents,
    (4) String vibration with obstacle. [Movie]
  2. Collision problem
    We would like to establish models for collision between elastic bodies which have inner structure. This has important applications such as
    (1) Analysis of the effects of traffic accidents on human body,
    (2) Bounce analysis with inner structure. [Movie]
  3. Kinetics in the human body (suspended)
    (1) Interaction between blood tube and blood, [Images]
    (2) Analysis of blood circulation, [Images]
    (3) Analysis of elastic porous media and water,
    (4) Shock propagation in human body.
  4. Super parallel computing (project completed)
    We would like to establish an efficient method for the minimizing variational problem for large-scale parallel computers. This problem has been investigated together with Fujitsu company.

Professor Seiro Omata is no longer accepting students due to the approaching retirement age.