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Takashi Yamazaki


  • 2004.04 - 2006.09: Ph.D Student
  • Research interest: Mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and high performance computing.

  • Current occupation: Senior Researcher, Fujitsu Laboratories of America.

It was very happy for me that I studied and got the Ph.D in Professor Omata’s laboratory. Seminars, drinking and hard training of tennis with Prof. Omata, everything is good memory in Kanazawa University. Stormy night reminds me of Kanazawa University well. Professor Omata gave me an opportunity to know the fun of mathematical modeling. And now I can have an opportunity to enhance my research in the U.S., I would like to deeply appreciate Professor Omata’s advice.

Karel Svadlenka

(Czech Republic)

  • 2005.10 - 2008.03: Ph.D Student
  • 2008.04 - 2010.10: JSPS Post-doctoral fellow
  • Research interest: Analysis and numerical solution of free boundary problems and geometrical evolution problems.

  • Current occupation: Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

I really enjoyed my stay in Kanazawa and my studies in prof. Omata’s lab at Kanazawa University. The city is beautiful and full of culture and delicious restaurants, while the university has high scientific level and is located in peaceful surroundings. Now I have a permanent position at a prestige Japanese university and this is all thanks to the rich and inspiring personality of prof. Omata, his deep understanding of mathematics and the stimulating atmosphere in his lab. It was an important and delightful period of my life and I always like to visit Kanazawa when there is a chance.

Elliott Ginder

(United States of America)

  • 2007.04 - 2007.09: Research Student
  • 2007.10 - 2009.09: Master Student
  • 2009.10 - 2012.09: Ph.D Student
  • Research interest: Variational PDE, shape analysis, and numerical analysis.

  • Current occupation: Assistant professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

Feeling university history through visits to Kanazawa Castle, discussing mathematics late into the night and underneath cherry trees, sudden downpours and heavy snow storms are all fond and important memories from my time as a graduate student in Omata Laboratory. Our group is comprised of researchers from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, and this mix of cultures, together with the active enthusiasm of faculty members and other graduate students, provided a positively exciting atmosphere for study and research.

Christian Fredy Naa


  • 2009.10 - 2011.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Fluid dynamics, particle method, parallel computing, magnetic material simulation, electronic measurement and automation for application in agriculture.

  • Current occupation: Junior Lecturer at Department of Mechatronics, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia.

I enjoyed my stay at Kanazawa University, especially in Omata Lab. Prof. Omata helped me during my one-year-stay. Almost everyday, he came to our lab just to see how well we conducted the research. The life outside academic was awesome too. We went to bar, restaturant, festival and ski-ing (I fell a lot).

Ferry Faizal


  • 2009.10 - 2011.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, material engineering.

  • Current occupation: Ph.D candidate in Graduate School of Bio-Application and System Engineering, TUAT, Tokyo

My days in Omata lab was interesting. I miss to relax in Asanogawa riverbank during the summer. As a student which has a background in physics, I got valuable mathematical knowledge in Kanazawa University since Omata sensei and Karel sensei were introducing a good mathematical tradition in the Lab. Sensei said “There is a lot of good programmers outside, enrich yourself with good mathematical thinking then you will become unique”.

Astrid Ayuningtyas


  • 2010.10 - 2012.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Financial mathematics.

  • Current occupation: Homemaker and freelance writer in USA

Studying in Kanazawa University (KU) was a memorable experience. KU is a very big campus. Located in Kanazawa, a small city where we can feel the modesty of Japanese culture, it gives a sense of comfort and easy to adapt for foreign students. Prof. Omata is not only a Sensei who is a mathematical expertise, but also has broad knowledge in everything. Studied under his supervision, I did not only receive educational lessons, but also remarkable life lessons. Omata Sensei’s lab has an advanced technology, and all the students from Master Degree and Ph.D were getting along so well.

Naila Al-Mahmuda


  • 2010.10 - 2013.09: Ph.D Student

  • Research topic of interest: Financial mathematics.

  • Current occupation: Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Febrie Ahmad Azizi


  • 2012.10 - 2014.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Particle simulation in Black Hole Accretion Disk and Big Data Analysis.

  • Current occupation: Business Analyst.

It was expected that the life as master degree student will not be easy but due to that I am able to hone my research mentality during my study in Omata-Labo. Professor Omata himself really cares about his students even letting me study under his friend, Professor Mineshige, to learn about Black Hole’s Accretion Disk, can’t thank him enough for that experience.

Reza Fahrul Arifin


  • 2013.10 - 2015.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Bubble motion simulation using acceleration dependent BMO.

  • Current occupation: Software Engineer staff in Indonesian national company.

My opinion while studied in Kanazawa University is great, Japanese education culture is the best for me. I learned a lot in academic and social life. Especially in Omata Lab, Prof.Omata is a tough and perfectionist person but he cares a lot to his student. Assistance professor Norbert Pozar also helped me a lot when I was in trouble, he is genius. And the lab environment is great for studying, you can explore your science curiosity in the right way. Also the lab mates, they are all smart and good people, it was great to know them.

Herlan Setiadi


  • 2013.10 - 2015.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Seismic enhancement, fluid and solid interaction, natural language processing.

  • Current occupation: Data scientist in digital marketing company.

I learned a lot in Omata-Labo and also I love Japanese culture that definitely open my mind and help me in future academics and careers.

Friska Fristella


  • 2014.10 - 2016.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, Rayleigh-Taylor instability.

  • Current occupation: Technical consultant in a decision technology firm.

Sasitorn Kanokhilunyakorn


  • 2014.10 - 2016.09: Master Student

  • Research topic of interest: Financial mathematics, option pricing, Black-Scholes model.

Afifah Maya Iknaningrum


Afifah Maya Iknaningrum
Afifah Maya Iknaningrum
  • 2015.10 - 2016.08: KUEST Exchange Student

  • Research interest: Fast Fourier Transform

I think Kanazawa is one of best place to study with nice environment and friendly people. Here, we can also enjoy Japanese culture and society while studying and doing research. I feel really grateful for this precious opportunity to study in Kanazawa University under Prof. Omata’s supervision.

KITANO, Hiroyuki


KITANO, Hiroyuki
KITANO, Hiroyuki
  • 2015.04 - 2017.03: Master Student

  • Research interest: Numerical simulation of elastic body.

I went on to graduate school from Kanazawa university. I like sports very much, and I belong to volleyball circle. About study, I often stumble, and every time, I have been asked to help professors and senior. By the way, there are a lot of international students in our lab. If you want to touch to various cultures, you should try to come!

Alvi Syahrini Utami


Alvi Syahrini Utami
Alvi Syahrini Utami
  • 2013.10 - 2017.03: Ph.D Student


  • KAZAMA, Masaki
  • NAKAGAWA, Hideaki
  • AL MAHMUDA, Naila
  • Chuong Ngoc Duy Hung
  • AIZAWA, Tatsuya
  • ISHIGAKI, Atsushi
  • NAMBO, Masaki
  • YAMAGISHI, Yujiro
  • SONG, Han
  • Putu, Harry Gunawan
  • Ruddy, Kurnia
  • Mourice, Woran
  • Christian, Fredy
  • SUZUKI, Azusa
  • ZHU, Dandan
  • ZHANG, Linlin
  • Intan Hartri Putri
  • Elsa Pitriana
  • Dede Tarwidi
  • Astrid Ayuningtyas
  • Ferry Faizal
  • Tolya Ijilbayar
  • Raden Ahnaf Faqih Shaimy
  • Agra Barecasco
  • Rizal Dwi Prayogo
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  • ITO, Kouji
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  • Mario Batubara
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  • Faizal Makhrus
  • Pornchanit Supwilai
  • Weerasak Dee-am
  • Ullul Azmy
  • Firas Atqiya
  • KISHIMOTO, Masayuki