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Former Ph.D. Students

Current positions, thesis titles and publications during Ph.D. course


Xiong Xiaohua (Assoc. Prof., Jiangxi Normal University)

Life Span of Solution for the Cauchy Problem to Nonlinear Reaction - Diffusion Systems in Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems Series A: Mathematical Analysis 9(2002) 105–119.


YAMAZAKI, Takashi (Fujitsu Research Lab.)

Numerical simulation of a hyperbolic free boundary problem with volume conservation constraint.

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] T.Yamazaki, S.Omata, H.Yoshiuchi, K.Ohara: Bubble Motion on water surface, Gakuto Intern. Ser. Math. Sci. Appl. 23(2005), 209–216.
  • [2] T.Yamazaki, S.Omata, K.Svadlenka, K.Ohara: Construction of approximate solution to a hyperbolic free boundary problem with volume constraint and its numerical computation, Adv. Math. Sci. Appl. 16-1(2006), 57–67.


YOSHIUCHI, Hidetoshi (Schlumberger)

A numerical solution of film vibration with obstacle.

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] H.Yoshiuchi, S.Omata, K.Svadlenka, K.Ohara: Numerical solution of film vibration with obstacle Adv. Math. Sci. Appl. 16-1(2006), 33–43.


Karel Svadlenka (Assoc. Prof., Kyoto Univ.)

Mathematical snalysis and numerical computation of volume-constrained evolutionary problems.

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] K.Svadlenka, S.Omata: Construction of solutions to heat-type problems with volume constraint via the discrete Morse flow, Funkcialaj Ekvacioj 50(2007), 261–285.
  • [2] K.Svadlenka, S.Omata: Construction of weak solution to hyperbolic problem with volume constraint, Nonlinear Analysis 69(2008), 3202–3212.


KAZAMA, Masaki (Fujitsu: Supercomputing Unit)

Modeling and computation of fluid-membrane interaction

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] M.Kazama, S.Omata, Modeling and computation of fluid-membrane interaction, Nonlinear Analysis 71(2009), e1553–e1559.


NAKAGAWA, Hideaki (YKK: Numerical Computing Lab.)

Variational approach to evolutionary free boundary problems

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] S.Omata, M.Kazama, H.Nakagawa, Variational approach to evolutionary free boundary problems, Nonlinear Analysis 71(2009), e1547–e1552.


Elliott Ginder (Assist. Prof., Hokkaido Univ.: Research Institute of Electronic Science)

A variational approach to volume-controlled evolutionary equations

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] E.Ginder, Construction of solutions to heat-type problems with time-dependent volume constraints, Adv. Math. Sci. Appl., 20, 2 (2010), 467–482.
  • [2] E. Ginder, S. Omata, K. Svadlenka, A variational method for diffusion-generated area-preserving interface motion, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Japan, Volume 60 (2011), 265–270.
  • [3] E.Ginder, S.Omata, K.Svadlenka, 体積を保存する多相平均曲率流の数値計算, 計算工学講演会論文集 16 (2011).
  • [4] E.Ginder, K.Svadlenka, The discrete Morse flow for volume-controlled membrane motions, Adv. Math. Sci. Appl., 22, 1 (2012).


Naila Al Mahmuda (Kanazawa University)

Development of an index expansion method for portfolio analysis

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] N.-A. Mahmuda, S. Omata, K. Kobayashi, A method for portfolio evaluation based on linear expansion and its application to an empirical portfolio, Sci. Rep. Kanazawa Univ. 56 (2012), 15–34.


Chuong Ngoc Duy Hung (Head of Mathematics Division, Soc Trang Normal Univ.)

A numerical method for image processing and its applications

  • [1] Ngoc Duy Hung Chuong, K. Nakane, T. Ito, I. Hashimoto, Classification of capillary images based on the average curvature estimation, Sci. Rep. Kanazawa Univ. 56 (2012), 35–44.


Nguyen Tri Cong (Vice Rector, Camau Normal Univ.)

Study of a constrained hyperbolic free boundary problem involving fluid motion based on variational approach and particle method

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] Nguyen Tri Cong, Three-dimensional numerical simulation of the motion of a droplet on an inclined plane, Sci. Rep. Kanazawa Univ. 57 (2013), 1–12.


KIKUTA, Akira (Assist. Prof., Kitami Institute of Technology)

Mathematical Analysis of a Ball Bouncing Problem by Using Discrete Morse Flow

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] M. Kazama, S. Omata, T. Nagasawa, A. Kikuta, K. Svadlenka, A global model for impact of elastic shells and its numerical implementation, Adv. Math. Sci. Appl. 23 (2013), 93–108.


Faizal Makhrus

Comparison of numerical methods for 1-D hyperbolic-type problems with free boundary

Publications during Ph.D. course

  • [1] F. Makhrus, Y. Akagawa, A. Syahrini, Numerical methods for 1-D hyperbolic-type problems with free boundary, Sci. Rep. Kanazawa Univ. 59 (2015), 27–50.